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Kampinos Forest Museum

Local name: Muzeum Puszczy Kampinoskiej

The museum is located in the Didactic and Museum Center of the Kampinos National Park in Granica. The exhibitions available in it allow you to learn more about the nature of the Park, its history, as well as information about the immediate vicinity.

The Kampinos Forest Museum was opened in 1964, in the former wooden forester's lodge of the Kampinos Forest District. This building comes from the interwar period. It was built in the style of national architecture. In three rooms, tourists visiting the museum can learn more about the local flora and fauna and the history of the Forest during the January Uprising or the Second World War.

Memorial oaks have been planted around the building. In its immediate vicinity there is an open-air museum of forest architecture, also part of the Educational and Museum Center.


Attractions inside

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    Granica 05-085 Kampinos , Poland