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Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

Local name: Muzeum Kolei Wąskotorowej

The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum is a branch of the former Railway Museum in Warsaw. The exhibition was opened in 1986. The largest narrow-gauge rail vehicle assembly in Poland has about 150 vehicles. The great attraction of this place is the 18-kilometer ride by historic train to the Kampinowska Forest.

In the exhibition halls you can admire exhibits showing the operation of narrow-gauge railways, their history, as well as the history of the Sochaczew region. There are permanent exhibitions regarding the 25th anniversary of railways, as well as temporary exhibitions, e.g. Chocolate Mockup by E. Wedel or presentation of the specifics of the Main Railway Stations in Warsaw.

The Museum grounds have been used many times as open-air films and music videos. All clocks in the building are set for 15.35. This is the time of departure from Sochaczew of the last passenger train of the Poviat Railway.


Attractions inside

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    Towarowa 796-500 Sochaczew , Poland