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Nieborów Palace

Local name: Pałac w Nieborowie

In the Baroque Radziwiłł Palace you can see elements of the original design: furniture, rugs, Saxon porcelain products, as well as royal portraits of Stanisław August Poniatowski and Jan III Sobieski, as well as a rich collection of books collected by the Radziwiłł family. The French garden adjoins the palace.

The palace was built according to the design of Tylman of Gameren at the request of Michał Radziejowski. Over the following years, it passed into the hands of subsequent owners (including Michał Kazimierz Ogiński). In 1774, the residence became the property of the Radziwiłł family. The interior of the palace was visited by many famous guests, including Emperor Alexander I, Stanisław Trembecki and Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. A museum was opened in the palace in 1945.

The interiors of the palace and the surrounding garden were used as a set design in many films and series. Filmed here, among others Mr. Kleks' Academy , Careers of Nikodem Dyzma , Father Mateusz , Chłop and Doll .

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99-416 Nieborów , Poland