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The Łódź Voivodeship is located in the very center of Poland. It is dominated by the city of Łódź, which from the beginning of the 19th century developed as an industrial center. However, outside the capital, you can see other interesting monuments here, including the palace in Nieborów and the Romanesque collegiate church in Tuma.

Łódź is primarily known for its industrial architecture. Here you can see the complexes of former textile factories and the palaces of their owners. In one of the former factories, a large Manufaktura shopping and entertainment center was organized. There are also film-related museums in Łódź, and the city's multicultural past reminds, among others built in the Russian fashion, the church of St. Alexander.

There are two important park and palace complexes in the region, Nieborów and Arkadia. They are an example of romantic assumptions with numerous buildings scattered around the extensive gardens.

The collegiate church located in Tuma near Łęczyca comes from much earlier times. This is one of the few examples of Romanesque construction in Poland. with preserved original vaults and not rebuilt since the Middle Ages. In nearby Łęczyca, you can see the Gothic castle in which the museum is currently operating.

Łódzkie is a province strongly associated with industry, including rural. You can find out for yourself by taking the mill route along the Grabia river or visiting the Pilica River Open-Air Museum near Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

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