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Industrial settlement

Local name: Osada fabryczna

The Industrial settlement in Żyrardów is the only such object from the turn of the 20th century in Europe which survived to this day in the unaltered state. It's a former flax factory recognized as Historic Monument in 2012. It consists of about 300 monuments. The city's name comes from French engineer Filip de Girard, its first director who invented the machine for automatic flax spinning.

The settlement is composed of worker's houses made of red brick, the villa district for the factory's management, and also public buildings such as schools, churches, hospital, bathes, and washhouse. The division into the factory and residential parts is easily visible. The biggest attractions here are railway station, worker's houses, schools, villas, fire station, and old spinning factory.

There are also organized cultural events. The most popular is European Heritage Days which promote the object.


Attractions inside

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