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Radziejowice Palace

Local name: Pałac w Radziejowicach

The "Little Castle" is part of the palace and park complex. It is the oldest neo-gothic building in Poland. In the past it was a representative seat of the Radziejowski family, built of wood. The mansion was reconstructed several times. Currently, located here are gastronomic facilities of the palace and the historic apartments.

In the place of the present Castle there used to be a residential tower with a large room. It was not a typical defensive construction, therefore the owners decided to extend it. With time, the former wing was transformed into a beautiful palace with a rich interior. During the following years, a two-storey building with a residential part was built. Additionally, the arched columns to connect the Little Castle with the palace were built. A landscape park with charming ponds and avenues was established around the Palace and the Little Castle. In the park there are many sculptures and monuments.

During World War II, the building was significantly damaged and then renovated thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

Both the Palace and the Castle are open to visitors.


Attractions inside

    Radziejowice Palace map
    Sienkiewicza 496-325 Radziejowice , Poland