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Gallery of Steel Figures

Local name: Galeria Figur Stalowych

The Steel Art Gallery is the only such place in Europe. Here in one place you can see sculptures made of recycled metal. The exhibitions include, among others, sculptures depicting characters from fairytales, science fiction movies, as well as personalities known from the world of politics and music. Particularly noteworthy are perfectly made models of the most expensive cars.

Among the characters, you can see the statues of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or Barack Obama. Among the imaginary heroes there is an autobot, an avatar, the Steel Man and the Minions. In addition to the reconstruction of the fast and very expensive cars, the famous Fiat 126p also found its place here.

Artists use scrap to make sculptures, thus wanting to give it a new life. Due to the material used, the figures are labor-intensive and extremely heavy. The sculpture of Marilyn Monroe itself weighs several hundred kilos. To create one car four people need about eight months of work. Smaller works take from two to six months.


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