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Automotive and Technology Museum

Local name: Muzeum Motoryzacji i Techniki

The Museum of Motorization and Technology in Otrębusy received a Prime Minister award "For the special contribution of work for the good of the Republic". Among the historic vehicles there are cars belonging to Józef Stalin and Loda Halama. You can also see militaria, items related to aviation and a collection of props (for example, uniforms). The Museum organizes tours of the capital in vehicles from the times of the Polish People's Republic. For the youngest guests there are special mini cars and the possibility to climb the famous tank “Rudy” from the famous 60s tv show "Czterech Pancernych i pies".

In the 1970s, owners of old and disfiguring backyard cars were punished with high mandates. The owners willingly were getting rid of such vehicles, and this is how the collection of the Mikiciuk family began. In addition to cars, the collection also include airplanes, carriages, bicycles, motorcycles and tanks.

In the 80s, vehicles began to be repaired and reconstructed. The result of the works is the Museum opened in 1995. Exhibits are often borrowed for outdoor events.


Attractions inside

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