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Basilica of St. John the Baptist

Local name: Bazylika św. Jana Chrzciciela

Brochów is one of the few defense churches in Poland. Renaissance church. St. John the Baptist and St. Rocha was built in the second half of the 16th century. The wedding of his parents Fryderyk Chopin and the baptism of the future composer took place.

As a result of the First World War, the building burned down. The equipment and interior of the church was completely destroyed. The original decoration of the temple was restored for the Chopin Year commemorating the bicentenary of the birth of the piano poet, Most of the equipment comes from modern times.

In the middle of September Brochów is organizing a reconstruction of the Battle of Bzura, which is one of the largest Polish staging of wartime activities from World War II. During the battles conducted in 1939, one of the towers of the church was the observation point of the Polish Army.


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