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Gnojna Góra - observation deck

Local name: Gnojna Góra - taras widokowy

Gnojna Góra (Manure Mountain) in the Old Town is one of the most popular viewpoints in Warsaw. Although its origins were infamous (hence the name of the elevation), today it serves as a popular viewing terrace for both Warsaw residents and tourists, allowing you to look at the panorama of Warsaw from the right perspective.

From this vantage point, located almost in the very center of Warsaw, the Vistula flowing through the city is perfectly visible. It is amazing that today the green and pleasant elevation was once ... a rubbish dump!

Inhabitants of Warsaw stored waste in this place for several hundred years, until such time that the amount of rubbish threatened to cover up nearby buildings. After stopping the storage of waste, the hill was covered with soil, and later it underwent a reclamation process and was transformed into a recreation area.

On Gnojna Góra it is worth climbing not only for the panorama view of the city, but also for the famous sculpture "Strongman" placed there.


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