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Mermaid of Warsaw

Local name: Syrenka Warszawska

The Warsaw Mermaid is the hallmark and official symbol of the city. In the capital there are several sculptures and monuments depicting this mystical figure - the two most famous in the Old Town and in Powiśle.

The monument located on the Old Town Square was the first monument of the Warsaw coat of arms. It was created in connection with the construction in 1851–1855 of the first modern water supply system in Warsaw designed by Henryk Marconi. The zinc sculpture designed by Konstanty Hegel survived World War II, and its original is now in the Museum of Warsaw.

The second monument is located next to the Świętokrzyski Bridge. The mermaid together with the plinth measures 4.5 m. The figure of the Warsaw Mermaid was depicted in a combat position: with a raised sword in his right hand and a shield in the left. Tourists who decide to take a closer look at the siren will be able to read the inscription "Warsaw" on the shield, which also has a crowned eagle. An exact copy of the monument can be seen in the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

According to legend, the Warsaw Mermaid was to protect the capital against enemy invasion. The oldest existing image of the coat of arms of Warsaw with a siren appears on the seals of documents of the Warsaw City Council of April 7, 1400.


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