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National Stadium

Local name: Stadion Narodowy

National Stadium in Warsaw is the most modern and the biggest stadium in Poland. Numerous sport, music and entertainment events and also the official football matches of Polish team take place there.

Among the other similar buildings, the stadium is characterized by the retractable, suspended on ropes roof which opening takes about 15min, and also the rarely used modular grass. Two-stories stand has 58 500 seats including 4600 high standard seats.

Several theme trails and the viewpoint on the higher part of the stand with a sight on beautiful panorama can be accessed by tourists. The stadium meets visitors expectations - it makes available the rink every winter, has rollerskating track and skatepark. Moreover, the Christmas Market is organized every Christmas season. Another attraction is the monument of Kazimierz Górski, unveiled in 2015.

Souvenirs after 10th-Anniversary Stadium such as sculpture "Relay-race", the plaque with an eagle from the honorary stand, and plaque in honor of Ryszard Siwiec who expressed his opposition against the invasion of Czechoslovakia by self-immolation can be seen in front of the stadium.


Attractions inside

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