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Asia and Pacific Museum

Local name: Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku

The only museum in Poland that promotes the culture of Asia, Australia and Oceania. In addition to traditional exhibits, you can see and test musical instruments from different countries. There is also an Asian Library with a specialized library at the Museum.

The museum was created thanks to Andrzej Wawrzyniak, a diplomat and a traveler who collected oriental works of art and ethnographic objects. The collection contains about 4000 items from the Indonesian islands. These are, among others. ritual masks, Malay daggers decorated, Javanese dag dolls, stone and wooden sculptures, fabrics, jewelry, as well as paintings. There are also graphic works and oriental motifs.

The collection contains more than 100 musical instruments. Visitors can watch them, listen to their voices, get acquainted with the technique of the game, and even try it out. The Museum has an Asian Library and a collection of books, journals, photographs and recordings, with a library of over a dozen thousand copies.


Attractions inside

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