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number 115 in the city


Local name: Umschlagplatz

A place called the Umschlagplatz by the Germans, i.e. a transshipment yard, was used during the war to gather and transport Jews from the Warsaw ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp. More than 300,000 Jews passed through it. It is now a Memorial.

On the square there is a commemorative plaque and a monument composed of a small square surrounded by low walls. On the walls of the monument, 448 Jewish names were engraved symbolizing the number of victims. A stone block has also been set up with an inscription in Polish and Hebrew informing about the event.

In memory of the victims on July 22, there is the March of Remembrance organized by the Jewish Historical Institute.

Flowers were laid there by, among others, Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip. Likewise, during one of the pilgrimages, the prayer was said there by Pope John Paul II.


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