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Zegrze Reservoir

Local name: Jezioro Zegrzyńskie

Zegrze Reservoir, commonly known as Zalew, is an artificial water reservoir located in Legionowo Powiat used mainly for recreational purposes. It is also a great place for water sports.

The lake is connected to the Vistula by the Żerań Canal. It covers the area of over 3000 ha and its biggest depth amounts to 10 m. A hydroelectric power plant operating with a power of 20 MW was built on the dam. It also consists of anti-flood shafts. The road bridge, a part of trunk road 61, goes through the reservoir.

The lake is a relaxation area for inhabitants and tourists. It consists of numerous water sports centers, holiday resorts, and summer houses. It offers windsurfing, sailing, and jet skiing. What is more, Cabin Yacht Sailing is organized here several times a year. Another popular activity is fishing. The lake is full of different fish species including a unique specimen from the Black Sea - white-eye bream.


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