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Nieporęt Beach

Local name: Plaża w Nieporęcie

Before 2009, it was called "Wild Beach" but one year later, thanks to the investments of the municipality, its look has completely changed. The wide, sandy, surrounded by open space reserves, and provided with food courts, the beach attracts crowds of tourists and is one of the most often visited beaches in Warsaw and around.

After the reorganization of the area, 1km of walking alleys, outdoor gym, and playgrounds were added to the beach. The wooden pier is located in the central part of the complex. The plumbing system including showers at the very shore is also available. Lovers of active leisure time can rent a bike, kayak, jet ski or try windsurfing.

The Beach in Nieporęt is located at the south shore of the Zegrzyński Reservoir. The beach meet all of the sanitary requirements and got the status of "beach resort" as one of the few in Masovian Voivodeship. Water Volunteer Rescue Service supervises the area and provides safety on the beach.


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    Zegrzyńska 10h05-126 Nieporęt , Poland