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Skaryszewski Park

Local name: Park Skaryszewski

Skaryszewski Park is one of the oldest parks in Warsaw. It has not only an impressive age but also a size - it covers the area of almost 60ha. The huge space of the park consists of the long network of walking tracks and historic monuments.

Various and very old vegetation is one of the many reasons inhabitants of Warsaw like this place very much. The huge land of the park consists of numerous recreational objects such as a pub, cafe, restaurant, tennis court, stadium, and even shell theatre. Skaryszewski park is not only famous because of the entertainment it provides but also its long history.

The area of the park consists of numerous stones commemorating soldiers, and plates in honor of the fallen. Sculptures "Rhythm", "Dancer", "Bathing Woman" and monuments can be spotted in the alleys of the park.


Attractions inside

Skaryszewski Park map
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