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Gostynin Castle

Local name: Zamek w Gostyninie

The beginnings of the construction of the castle in Gostynina dates back to the end of the fourteenth century. It was located on a steep cliff on the Skrwa River by the Mazovian princes. It was rebuilt several times changing its destiny and appearance, and the time of the city and castle flourishing is the end of the 15th century and the first half of the XVI century. In 2009, a castle-styled hotel was built in the former fortress.

History was not gracious for the building. The Swedish Deluge stopped the development of the city and stamped on the fate of the castle, which has since fallen into ruin. Further devastation took place during the defense of the Confederates of Bar against the Russian troops in 1772. In turn, the Prussian authorities ordered the castle to be demolished after the Third Partition of Poland.

Before the fall of Gostynin after the great fire of the early nineteenth century, the city and the building of the German clothers with their families were protected. They set up a dye house and a laundry room, which contributed to the flourishing of the village. Ruins of the castle were used in the construction of the Neo-Gothic evangelical church. After World War II, the Roman Catholic Church was occupied by the Roman Catholic Church and was used by Catholics until 1978.


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