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Pułtusk is a historic city that belonged to the bishops of Płock in the past. Their castle has been preserved here, as well as a lot of historical buildings from different eras.

In the Middle Ages, the city was one of the most important in Mazovia, and due to its location, it was the target of frequent attacks by Lithuanians. For this reason, they were surrounded by defensive walls, fragments of which have survived to this day.

From the 14th century, Pułtusk was the property of the Płock bishops. They built a castle here, which, after subsequent reconstructions, gained a Gothic-Renaissance appearance. Currently, it houses the House of the Polish Diaspora with guest rooms and conference rooms. In the 15th century, the construction of the Pułtusk Basilica began. It is a Gothic church, rebuilt in the Renaissance style in the 16th century. Inside, there is a barrel vault covered with geometric stucco with paintings. It is one of the few examples of this type of decoration in Poland.

In the center of Pułtusk, the medieval street layout with a large, rectangular market square has been preserved. It is currently surrounded by houses from the 19th century, but in the middle of the market square you can see the Gothic town hall tower, which houses the Regional Museum.

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