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Warsaw Zoo

Local name: Zoo Warszawa

The Warsaw Zoological Garden covers the area of over 39ha. It consists of over 3600 animals which belong to 489 species. The most interesting attractions in the zoo are the most modern elephant exhibit, the aviary with a free flight space, the aquarium with many fish species, the giraffe exhibit, the ape house and also the shark exhibit with the only one sand tiger shark in Poland.

The first zoological garden in Warsaw was opened on 10th July 1926 thanks to the efforts of Mieczysław Pągowski. One year later, the proposition of opening the Zoological Garden in Prague, which was entrusted to Wenanty Burdziński, was accepted. Animals from the declining Pągowski's zoo were transferred there. During the war, many of the most valuable specimens were moved to Germany. The zoo was also a place where Jan Żabiński and Antonina Żabińska helped Jewish people.


Attractions inside

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