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Pułtusk Castle

Local name: Zamek w Pułtusku

The Renaissance castle in Pułtusk is situated on a small hill on the Narew River. For several centuries, the building was full of functions. Formerly housed here bishops with the first in the Mazovia printing house, then the hospital and gendarmerie were here. Currently the castle was designed for the needs of the hotel - "Polonia House".

The hotel, apart from renting guest rooms, offers guests numerous attractions. There are water equipment rentals, tennis courts, a children's playground, beach volleyball and billiards. In addition, the facility organizes gondolas cruises on the Narew, as well as cannons.

The castle dates back to the fifteenth century. The first parts of the site were erected at the behest of Bishop Płock Florian Laskare. The building was destroyed many times, including during the Swedish Deluge, the Third Northern War, the Kosciuszko insurrection, and the Napoleonic wars.


Attractions inside

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