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Wilanow Zawady Beach

Local name: Plaża Wilanów Zawady

Wilanów Beach Zawady, commonly called Beach in Zawady, is a wild place, secluded and, especially in comparison with the other beaches in Warsaw, extensive. At its widest point, at a low water level in the Vistula it measures 50 meters. Part of the beach belongs to the nature reserve "Zawadokie Islands".

Historically, mainly due to the calm around it, the beach in Zawady was considered a naturist beach, but never officially received such status. Currently, due to the increasingly popular place, the beach is less and less frequented by topless lovers.

Near the beach lies Kępa Okrzewska / Falenicka and Kępa Zawadowska, connected with the Olive settlement in the Mazovia area. Opposite to the beach is also famous cultural events held romantic beach in Wawrze, which can be rented by boat.


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