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University Library rooftop gardens

Local name: Ogród na dachu Biblioteki UW

The roof garden of the University of Warsaw Library covers over 1 hectare. It is considered one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe. It was opened in 2002, and it was designed by landscape architect Irena Bajerska. The garden is open to the public, therefore it is not only students and university staff who can visit it. Admission is free.

The garden consists of two parts - upper and lower, connected by a stream with cascading down water. You can admire many different species of plants planted in several thematic parts. They consist of: Golden, Silver, Carmine and Blue Garden. All parts are connected by footbridges, paths, bridges and pergolas.

From the bridges and observation deck you can admire one of the most beautiful panoramas of Warsaw. You can also look inside the Library through special windows or a glass roof. The attraction is also the granite sculptures of Ryszard Stryjecki, adorning the lower garden.


Attractions inside

University Library rooftop gardens map
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