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Wilanów Lake

Local name: Jezioro Wilanowskie

Located inside: Wilanów Park

Lake Wilanowskie is a beautiful natural water reservoir, which is an inseparable part of Wilanow Park. Powered by the waters of the Służewiec River, it is a remnant of the Vistula river basin, an attractive place for walks. The charm of the reservoir is complemented by two islets, one of which is natural and the other is artificial. The lake is available for boats and anglers.

The rise of Lake Wilanowska is a result of the forces of nature, which for millions of years has transformed the Vistula riverbed leaving a stream of water. The discharge of water to the Wilanówka River is provided by the Sobieski Canal. The surface of the lake is 0.11 km 2 and its depth varies between 1 and 5 m. The reservoir is elongated, extending over 1.5 km at a width of 50 to 100 m. One of the ornamental islands was laid down at the end of the 17th century, during the founding of the park.

The water in Lake Wilanowskie is heavily polluted, however, which does not offend the amateurs of fishing and boat trips. On the opposite side of the reservoir is the second known Morysin Wilanów park, named in honor of Maurice, the grandson of Stanisław Kostka Potocki.


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