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Wilanów Park

Local name: Park Wilanowski

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

Also called the Royal Park, it combines multi-species stand with the charm of Wilanów Lake, Służewiecki stream with a few examples of garden art. It is a perfect spot for a relaxing walk in a beautiful, well-groomed nature.

A park layout was created in the times of John III Sobieski, who initiated establishing of the gardens, systematically expanded by subsequent owners of Wilanów. On the area of 24 hectares English country garden, two-level Baroque garden, Rose garden in Neo-Renaissance style and English-Chinese landscaped park were created. Many trees in the park are more than 300 years old,  thus counting as the unique natural monuments. In the alleys one can see reliefs, monuments of famous writers and extraordinary planting.

An important element of this baroque layout is a water in the form of a lake and a stream, as well as artificial lake created in the times of King John III. Present look of Wilanowski Park is an effect of its rebuilding during the 1950s. The author of this project was professor Gerard Ciołek.


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