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Orthodox Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene

Local name: Cerkiew św. Marii Magdaleny

Orthodox church of St. Mary Magdalene in Warsaw was built in the second half of the 19th century according to the design of Mikołaj A. Syczew. The initiators of its creation were the Orthodox inhabitants of Prague. It was the first independent Orthodox church in Warsaw. Today, in the interiors of the church, you can admire unique examples of sacred art. The church was entered in the register of monuments.

The church survived practically unchanged the times of World War II. Today, the interior of the temple reveals the original design to visitors, including a historic three-story iconostasis with ornaments and circular images of Moses, David, Elijah and Isaac with the text of a prayer decorating the walls of the main dome.

Next to the entrance to the church, old bells are placed. In 1944, the Germans cut them and took them off the belfry, wanting to melt them down into missiles. It turned out, however, that the alloy from which they were made is completely unsuitable. Pieces of bells abandoned in front of the church were welded, but we will never hear them again.


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