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number 86 in the city

St. Florian's Cathedral

Local name: Katedra św. Floriana

Saint Florian's Cathedral is a common name for cathedral basilica of Saint Michael and Saint Florian. The building has a neo-gothic character and, what is rare in Poland, a system of support arches , which are holding side elevations of the temple. Inside one can see, among others, sculptures showing patrons of the cathedral from the nineteenth century and a torso of Ignacy Kłopotowski with his embalmed heart.

In a church porch there is a crucifix, which, according to inhabitants of Praga, has miraculous properties. Probably because of that it was attacked twice by mentally disturbed persons. Once it happened in 1986, when an aggressor throw himself at it, while calling Satan.

Due to its resemblance to a Paris cathedral, a temple is called a Notre Dame of Praga. Another interesting thing is an event from 1898, when a lightning struck one of the towers, and instead of damaging the building, only photographers that were on the tower during the storm suffered.


Attractions inside

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