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number 124 in the city

Foksal Street

Local name: Ulica Foksal

Foksal Street begins its run in the courtyard of the Zamoyski Palace. It houses many significant objects such as the offices of the Association of Polish Journalists and the State Publishing Institute and the Sabat Theater. The street also has a high school playground named after Zamoyski (once tennis courts where the first Polish Wimbledon finalist trained).

The area of today's ul. Foksal belonged to the Czapski family until the 18th century. Then, in these areas, Maria Anna Brühlowa arranged a garden whose main path led along today's street. Later, the garden was bought by banker Kabryt, who, together with Riga, created an entertainment garden for aristocracy in this place. Held here, among others concerts and fireworks shows. In 1789, Jean-Pierre Blanchard took off from here in a maiden balloon flight in Poland.

In the nineteenth century, the park path became a street, tenements and palaces were built next to it. During the Warsaw Uprising the second line of defense of Powiśle ran here.


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