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Tropical Greenhouse

Local name: Szklarnie roślin tropikalnych

Glasshouses of tropical plants are one of ten collections of botanical garden plants belonging to the Polish Academy of Sciences. In a glasshouse called "Green Paradise", measuring over 2 thousand m², about 1,500 taxons of plants from tropical and subtropical regions were collected. Among them is the largest collection of citrus plants in the country.

Plants gathered in glasshouses are divided into five groups, each consisting of species coming from a different climate and having different habitat requirements. A large part of the plants are exotic usable plants. In addition to citrus fruits, these include coffee, tea, laurel, bamboo or caoutchouc manioc.

In the summertime, it is worth paying attention to multicolored bougainvilleas and insect-eating nepenthes, and during the winter, a collection of Japanese camellia with a total of 40 varieties. The garden also has an interesting collection of ferns, including tree species. One of the most valuable specimens is also wollemia nobilis, until recently considered to be extinct.


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