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Fountain in the Saxon Garden

Local name: Fontanna w Ogrodzie Saskim

Located inside: Saxon Garden

The Great Fountain is located in the Saxon Garden in Warsaw, near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This late-classic building designed by Henryk Marconi was unveiled on June 4, 1855. The fountain's skull is decorated with a motive with the head of Medusa and a frieze with a hanging garland ornament. Whereas in the pool there were four sculptures depicting dolphins throwing jets of water towards the base of the cup. At that time, the fountain was one of the five water jets in the city.

The Great Fountain was created as part of a larger whole - it was part of the first water supply system established in Warsaw by Henryk Marconi. In the interwar period, it was renovated for the first time and restarted in 1936. It survived World War II unscathed, thanks to which it underwent another renovation in 1950. In the years 2006–2007 a water flow control system and light illumination were installed.


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