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Ethnographic Museum

Local name: Muzeum Etnograficzne

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw is one of the oldest and most popular museums of this type in Poland. You can admire an impressive collection of folk costumes and objects, characteristic for ethnic groups from Poland but also for ethnic groups from around the world.

Since its creation in 1888, the Warsaw ethnographic museum has accumulated huge collections of various items of everyday use. At permanent exhibitions in the museum, items related to daily work (for example, blacksmith products, pottery and carpentry, as well as tools used in agriculture, hunting, breeding, etc.), folk art (sculptures, paintings, characteristic paper cut-outs and coloring pictures) and fabrics and outfits have been displayed.

In the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, not only Polish folk souvenirs were collected, but also exhibits from Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.

There is also a library at the museum, which houses about 30,000 different types of old and more contemporary volumes, naturally on the subject of ethnography.


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Kredytowa 100-056 Warsaw , Poland