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number 83 in the city

Museum for Children

Local name: Muzeum dla Dzieci

Located inside: Ethnographic Museum

Museum for Children Janusz Korczak is an autonomous department of the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. It is also the first ethnographic museum in the country targeted at children. Collections collected in several rooms bring cultural aspects from around the world closer. The exhibitions have an open form, and the objects of children in them can touch and independently "explore".

In addition to the elements of culture, children participating in workshops organized in the facility learn how the museum works. An original and distinctive idea compared to other similar institutions is also conducting classes in museum magazines, which are usually inaccessible to visitors.

The museum is also involved in the promotion of reading among the youngest, organizes family workshops and concerts and promotes a healthy lifestyle. He conducts learning through play and organizes summer ethnographic day camps for children.


Attractions inside

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    Kredytowa 100-056 Warsaw , Poland