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Krasiński Palace

Local name: Pałac Krasińskich

The Baroque palace of the Krasiński family is today one of the headquarters of the National Library. Special collections are collected in it - manuscripts and antique books. At its back the Krasiński family's Garden is located. The object has been entered in the register of monuments.

The building dates back to the end of the 17th century. Its designer, Tylman van Gameren, was inspired by the remarkable buildings of his time - the Amsterdam town hall, the elevations of the Paris Louvre, and the Les Invalides complex. A large collection of paintings by European artists was gathered in the palace. His owner wanted to outshine the palace in Wilanów with his huge building. In 1765, the Government of the Republic bought the palace. Since that time on, it has been called the palace of the Commonwealth. For years, it had housed the headquarters of various institutions. The sessions of the Sejm court were held there. After regaining independence, it became the seat of the Supreme Court.

During the Warsaw Uprising fell into the hands of Poles. After the fall of the Old Town, the insurgents had to leave the building. Eighty percent of the building was destroyed. After the war, the palace was rebuilt (among others, Canaletto's painting was used for it).


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