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University of Warsaw

Local name: Uniwersytet Warszawski

The University of Warsaw is a public university founded on 19th November 1816 by the tsar of Russia Alexander I. The establishment of the university was requested by Stanisław Kostka Potocki and Stanisław Staszic. It's the largest and one of the best universities in Poland. It also contributed to the foundation of other today's universities.

The University of Warsaw contains 21 branches, many scientific and research centers, student faculties and organizations. They are located in numerous beautiful, historical buildings. Worthy of attention is also the Kazimierz Palace built in 1637-1641 near the historical Royal Route.

Uruski Palace is also very interesting. The original building burnt during the Warsaw Uprising. The 18th-century late-Baroque palace which belonged to Stanisław Poniatowski - father of the future king Stanisław August - stood in this place. It was here that Stanisław August learnt he was elected king.

University of Warsaw map
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/2800-927 Warsaw , Poland