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Czapski Palace

Local name: Pałac Czapskich

Baroque Czapski Palace also known as Krasińskich Palace or Raczynski Palace is located in the Krakowskie Przedmiescie district. Currently it is the seat of the Academy of Fine Arts. The palace was built in the years 1680-1705 for primate Michal Radziejowski at the site of the 17th century wooden Radziwill Palace.

In 1733 the palace was bought by the Czapski family, who gave the palace a late Baroque style. At the beginning of the 19th century, the palace was owned by the Krasinski family, and by the end of the 19th century the Raczyński family became the owners. In the years 1827-36 / 37 in one of the building's buildings were Chopinów, and in the living room on the floor Fryderyk Chopin had his room for work and playing the piano until going abroad. In the years 1808-1826 the painter Zygmunt Vogel had his studio in the palace.

Destroyed during World War II the building was rebuilt in 1948-1959. In the courtyard in front of the palace is a copy of the Venetian monument Bartolomeo Colleoni. The facility is not accessible to visitors.


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