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Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists from around the world. They have everything you need to enjoy your time. There are unusual monuments from different eras, kilometers of coastal beaches, mountains where you can go trekking, climbing and skiing, as well as excellent cuisine.

The capital of the country, Rome is a city with a history dating back to ancient times. You can see the magnificent Colosseum and Roman Forum, as well as numerous monuments from later eras. In Rome there is a separate smallest country in the world or the Vatican including the Basilica of Saint. Piotr and her immediate surroundings.

Rome is not inferior to other Italian cities. The most famous of them is the Venice channel network, one of the most famous carnivals in the world. Cruise ships and gondolas sail between the houses on the water, and tourists go through numerous bridges to St. Mark's Square, where the symbol of the city stands the Doge's Palace and St. Basilica. Mark.

Other cities worth seeing in Woch include famous for its Renaissance buildings, Florence and Pisa, where you can see the famous leaning tower. Unusual monuments from the Visigoth period can be admired in Ravenna, and Padua and Assisi are famous for their beautiful churches. Historic building complexes have also been preserved in countless smaller cities and towns throughout the country.

Italy is surrounded by seas on three sides. Along the coasts there are sandy beaches with larger and smaller resorts. The most famous are Rimini, Cesanetico, Tropea and San Remo. You can relax for almost a year on the beaches of Sicily, which is dominated by the active volcano Etna.

The second of the great Italian volcanoes is Vesuvius, at the foot of which lies Naples and one of the most famous archaeological sites, Pompeii. In turn, the northern part of the country is numerous mountain massifs. The Italian Alps and Dolomites in summer are a great place for hiking and climbing, while in winter they attract skiers with perfectly groomed slopes.

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