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Veneto is located in northern Italy, between the Dolomites and the Adriatic. It is very diverse, there are both ski resorts and seaside holiday resorts, and in addition wonderful cities, including Venice, Padua and Verona.

The most important city and the main tourist center of the region is Venice. A city of canals, unusual monuments from different eras. Islands, churches and artistic glass attracts millions of tourists each year. His showcase except St. Mark or the famous gondola is a carnival, during which participants dress up in costumes from the 17th and 18th centuries and parade in masks.

Nevertheless, two other famous cities are Veneto, Verona and Padua. The first is the homeland of Romeo and Juliet, considered the most romantic place in Italy. Thousands of lovers leave cards with love confessions under Julia's balcony. In turn, Padua is in addition to historic buildings also a sanctuary of St. Antoni, who is attracted by crowds of pilgrims.

The Adriatic coast with such resorts as Lido di Jesolo, Bibione and Caorle is besieged by tourists. Kilometers of sandy, well-developed beaches, lots of hotels, apartments for rent and boarding houses as well as bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and service facilities are bursting at the seams from May to October.

In turn, in the winter, mountain ski resorts on the slopes of the Dolomites come alive. Among them are as famous as Cortina d'Ampezzo, Falcade and San Vito di Cadore. They offer hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes of various levels of difficulty and extensive accommodation facilities.

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