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One of the most famous Italian cities, which is visited by over 30 million tourists every year. Its symbol are the canals and gondolas floating on them, and the world-famous carnival, during which thousands of people in decorated masks play in the squares and streets.

There is no other city in the world like Venice. Its historic part is located on more than 100 islands located 4 km from the mainland, which separate channels from each other. Due to its historical and artistic value, the entire Old Town of Venice is inscribed on the UNESCO list.

For centuries, Venice was a powerful commercial center and a separate state, and the wealth of residents translated into the city's buildings, in which you can see magnificent Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches and palaces. The central place of Venice is Saint Mark's Square Mark, with the basilica, belfry and Doge's Palace built for the rulers of the coastal republic. The square can be reached by streets that cross the canals many times along picturesque bridges or by a gondola and a water tram. The latter are not only a popular tourist attraction, but also normal urban transport that connects the Old Town with new districts on the mainland.

Streets and canals create a charming tangle in Venice, among which it is worth getting lost for a few hours. After visiting the main attractions, you can find peace and discover the atmosphere of this strange city. The local festivals and outdoor events also have their loyal fans, including the carnival taking place last week before Ash Wednesday. Lovers of handicrafts and jewelry can, in turn, visit numerous jewelry and glass stores, as well as the famous Burano art glass factory.

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