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Grassi Palace

Local name: Palazzo Grassi

Grassi's neoclassical palace in Venice was built by the Grassi family from Bologna in the 17th century, designed by Giorgio Massari. It is located on the Grand Canal in the San Marco district of Venice. There is an art gallery that is open to the public, which consists of paintings, sculptures, photographs and films in the style of minimalism, post minimalism and posture.

In 2004 the building was owned by the city of Venice. In 2005, he was sold to a millionaire from France, Francois Pinault, who turned it into a gallery where he exhibited a private collection of contemporary art. There are also temporary exhibitions of collections borrowed from other world galleries

In the interiors of the palace were often exhibitions of art, especially when it belonged to Fiat's automotive group. In 2009, the building hosted Francois-Henri Pinault's wedding reception with well-known actress Salma Hayek.


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