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Grand Canal

Local name: Canal Grande

Canal Grande is the main communication artery of Venice, which is almost 4 kilometers long. It has the shape of an inverted "S" and flows through the center of the city dividing it into two parts. The banks of this largest canal are connected by four bridges - the Academy Bridge, the Bridge of the Bosom, the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of the Constitution. Canal Grande is best to admire from the water, using a gondola, taxi or water tram. You can see about 170 buildings along its banks, including the 16th Century Ca 'd'Oro, the Dario Palace, the church of Santa Maria della Salute, and the St. Mark's Square. Mark.

Venice is made up of hundreds of small islets crossed by canals. More than half of water transport in the city is in the waters of the Grand Canal. It rises from the railway station in the north of Venice, down to Punta delia Salute in the south-east. Its width is from 30 to 90 meters and the depth reaches up to 6 meters. On the first Sunday of September, the channel becomes a race track. They have a long history - the first such race was already in the fourteenth century.


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