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Ca' Rezzonico

Local name: Ca' Rezzonico

Ca 'Rezzonico is a beautiful palace, one of the most perfect examples of Venetian Baroque. Since 1936, it houses the Museum of Venetian Art of the 18th century. It collected an extensive collection of furniture, frescoes and paintings as well as beautiful utility items from this period. The idea behind the foundation of the museum was not only to make Venetian art available to visitors, but also to show the way of life of the upper social strata in the 18th century - the last century of the existence of an independent Venetian state.

The palace itself is equally interesting. Its construction began in 1649, according to the design of the genius architect Baldassare Longheny, author of, among others Ca 'Pesaro and the Basilica Santa Maria della Salute. Unfortunately, he did not wait to finish his work. Work resumed only in the mid-eighteenth century on behalf of new owners. The construction was completed by Giorgio Massari, and the interior artists were invited to the interior of the era.


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