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Basilica dei Frari

Local name: Basilica dei Frari

The Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is one of the largest and finest Gothic religious buildings in Venice. This powerful 13th-century monastery complex belongs to the Franciscan order. Due to the strict rules of this order, the body of the temple is very simple and devoid of decorations. The interior looks different - we can find here many works of art, such as the doghouse statues, the wonderful painting "Titanic Madonna di Ca'Pesaro", the sculpture of Donatella from 1450 showing St. John the Baptist and the triptych of Giovanni Bellini "Madonna on the throne with the Baby and the Saints".

Many famous people are buried inside the church. In addition to the former city rulers, we will also find the magnificent Tomb of Titian, erected only three centuries after the death of the painter, as well as the tombstone of Claudia Monteverdi - Italian composer and singer, one of the first great creators of operas. The cloisters adjacent to the basilica hide state archives documenting 1000 years of Venetian history.


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