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Murano Glass Museum

Local name: Museo del Vetro

Museo del Vetro, or Museum of Glass, can be visited on the Venetian Murano, a group of islands famous for its production. It is the only one of its kind in Italy and one of the few in the world. The exhibition is divided into several sections and tells the story of glass, from the time of its invention, through the history of Venetian glassworks, since the Middle Ages, when this material appeared on the islands, up to modern times.

In the Museum of Glass you can find many historical inventions, learn various techniques and admire the works of art created by local masters. Worth noting is the rare exhibits from the Renaissance.

The origins of glassworks in Murano go back to 1291, when the first glass factory was opened here. The craftsmen of the centuries had a monopoly on the production of this product, so that they could develop and improve their skills. Today's local artists continue to use the techniques of centuries.


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