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Basilica of Saints John and Paul

Local name: Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Roman Catholic basilica John and Paul are in Venice's Castello district. This is an example of gothic sacred architecture. In the church you can see, among other things, vault paintings by Paola Veronese, Martyrdom of St. Peter by Nicolo Kassali, Dead Jesus by Giovanni Battista Zelotti, St. Archangel Michael Lucifer winning the Bonifacia Veronese brush. In the smaller basilica their magnificent tombs have as many as 25 Venetian doves. The altar is decorated by Giovanni Bellini under the title Saint Vincent Ferrer.

The first church in this place was built in the 10th century. Thanks to the Dominican Order of this area from the Jacopo Tiepolo dug the construction of a new church and monastery began in the 13th century, in the fifteenth century the church was consecrated. The buildings were rebuilt during the Baroque period. In the 19th century the building became a parish church.


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