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Church of Santa Maria Formosa

Local name: Chiesa di Santa Maria Formosa

According to tradition, this is the first church in Venice to receive a Marian call. The interior was designed on a Greek cross plan and adapted to the requirements of the Catholic liturgy.

According to legend, the Holy Mother appeared to St. Magnus and ordered to build a temple under a white cloud. The church was built in the 7th century and received a call to cleanse the Blessed Virgin Mary. The temple in its present shape was designed and built in 1492 by Mauro Codussi. Inside this Renaissance church, significant works of art are stored, such as the polyptych of St. Barbara and the Saints Palm of the Younger, as well as the triptych of Bartolome Vivarini Birth of the Mother of God / Madonna Litościwa / Spot Spot św. Anne of St. Joachim.

From the canal side there is an entrance to the church.


Attractions inside

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