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St. Mark's Basilica

Local name: Basilica di San Marco

Saint Basilica Mark is the most valuable and best known church in Venice. It is the only religious monument of this type in Europe, a real pearl of Byzantine architecture in Italy. From the side of St. The church brand is decorated with a wide facade decorated with beautiful mosaics. Above the portals is a gallery available to visitors for a small fee. Its central part is decorated with four horses from the quadriga - copies of the sculpture brought here in 1204, the only one of its kind preserved to our times.

Inside the church there are also mosaics. Most of them come from the period from the 12th to the 15th century. In total, they cover about 4,000 m² of the basilica's surface. One of the most important elements of the decor is the Golden Altar decorated with precious stones.

It is also worth paying attention to the crucifix of Capitello del Crocifisso and the icon of Madonna Nikopea, painted in the tenth century. The basilica also has the remains of the city's patron, Saint. Mark the Evangelist, brought here by Venetian merchants in 828 from Alexandria, Egypt.


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