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Doge's Palace

Local name: Palazzo Ducale

The Doge's Palace is a true pearl of Venetian architecture and one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. Formerly it was a mansion and the seat of the highest authorities. At present there is a famous museum - Museo dell'Opera. There are Giant Staircases with two huge sculptures of Mars and Neptune by Sansovin, as well as richly decorated Golden Stairs, dozen apartments and numerous rooms full of works by the greatest Italian artists. It is also worth to go for guided tours within the so-called. itinerary segreti (secret routes).

The Doge's Palace was built in the style of Venetian Gothic. It is decorated with lace bows, arcaded loggias and a mosaic of two-tone stone, giving the building an extraordinary lightness. The three-storey building on three sides includes an interior, Renaissance courtyard, adjoining the basilica. Mark. The palace wing stretching along the palace canal is connected to the new prison building by the famous Bridge of Sighs.


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