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Bridge of Sighs

Local name: Ponte dei Sospiri

Bridge of Sighs is the most famous bridge in Venice, known all over the world. The 11-meter construction was made of white limestone and equipped with small windows and rich decorations. The bridge connects the Doge's Palace with the new prison building, which was built at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is closed and covered, and there are two separate corridors inside.

Bridge of Sighs was designed by Antoni Contino, and its construction was completed in 1614. Initially, he served to transfer prisoners from the Doge's Palace to the prison. This provoked the romantics to create stories about prisoners sighing to beloved women and freedom. Hence the name of the bridge. Gradually it was also started with the lovers. Legend has it that a brisk walk under the Bridge of Sighs guarantees a quick wedding, and a kiss there - a lifelong love.


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