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St. Mark's Square

Local name: Piazza San Marco

St. Brand is the most famous square in Venice and the place where the most famous monuments, museums and tourist attractions are located. You can admire the beautiful building of the Doge's Palace (the seat of the ancient rulers of Venice), St. Basil's Basilica. Brand, Napoleon's wing linking Old and New Projection Buildings, and the clock tower and the Belfry. Mark. Nearby is also the Bridge of Sighs - one of the most famous and famous bridges in the world.

In addition to the beautiful sights of St. Mark is also famous for its cafes. It is worth to visit especially the oldest one, Caffe Florian, existing since 1720. Around the Square there are also many restaurants, shops and stalls with souvenirs.

One of the places associated with this place of curiosity is the so-called acqua alta. During the winter tides St. Square. The brand is often flooded with water, and low platforms and pedestrian crossings are set up to allow passage.


Attractions inside

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