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Church of San Zaccaria

Local name: Chiesa di San Zaccaria

Roman Catholic Church Zachariasza is located in the Castello district of Venice. It is a late Gothic building with an early Renaissance facade. In the church you can see the marble baptismal font Alessandra Vittori from the sixteenth century, the sculpture of the 14th century, the paintings of Madonna and the Child and Saint Zacharias in glory by Palmy the Younger, the shepherds painted by Antonia Balestra, Bernard Strozzi's work Tobias heals father, Escape to Egypt Domenica Tintoretta, Crucifixion of Anton van Dyck. In the chapel of St. You can admire the frescoes of Tuscan painters and the golden Gothic polyps created by Antonio Vivarini.

The first church on the site of the present building was built in the ninth century with the donation of Angela Partecipazia and his son. Pope Leon V handed over the remains of St. Zechariah. After a fire in the 12th century the building was rebuilt. In the 15th century it was radically rebuilt in Gothic style according to the design of Antonio Gambello. After the death of the first architect, Mauro Codussi continued his work. Construction was completed in 1486, and work on the façades was completed in 1490.


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